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Voices Across Time: American History Through Music

Voices Across Time was created to help teachers harness the power of song as primary source to supplement any secondary American Social Studies, Language Arts, and Music curriculum.

Voices Across Time is a project of the Center for American Music in partnership with the Society for American Music.

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§ 2014 SAM Awards Announced

The Society for American Music is please to announce the 2014 winners of the following awards and subventions. Congratulations!



§ SAM/2.0 Campaign

SAM 2.0 thumb"Promoting New Scholarship in Music of the Americas" – Despite the richness of American music scholarship today, challenges remain: to secure adequate support for research, sufficient publication subventions, and an endowment. To address these challenges, we are launching our first major campaign: SAM/2.0!

A multi-year pledge drive through the annual meeting in 2016, the SAM/2.0 Campaign will enhance the Society’s ability to fund, promote, and reward new scholarship in American music. Your donation, pledge, or bequest will help us to promote new scholarship in music of the Americas and ensure the financial stability of the Society!

Visit for more information and to fill out your pledge card. Every donation matters!

Give a JSAM Gift Subscription

The Society for American Music is pleased to announce that it is now possible for you to share the in-depth and quality research presented in each issue of the Journal of the Society for American Music with family and friends. Gift subscriptions are only $50.00 per year! These are only available to current members of SAM and can be renewed annually. We'll even send the recipient a card letting them know about your gift! Simply complete the JSAM Gift Subscription Form and mail or fax it back to us.

Our Mission

The mission of the Society for American Music is to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation and study of American musics of all eras and in all their diversity, including the full range of activities and institutions associated with these musics throughout the world.

Oscar Sonneck (1873-1928)
Oscar SonneckThe Society for American Music was founded in honor of and originally named for the first critical scholar and bibliographer of American Music, Oscar G. T. Sonneck.

The Sonneck Circle was established in 2003 to honor the memory of Oscar Sonneck, and offers its members additional benefits. To see a list of contributors and read more about the Sonneck Circle click here.