Awards of the Society for American Music


Irving Lowens Award for Best Book

Irving Lowens Award for Best Article

Housewright Dissertation Award

Cambridge University Press Award

Mark Tucker Award for Outstanding Student Paper

Lifetime Achievement Award

Distinguished Service Citation

Student Travel



SAM is proud to support the activities of scholars of American music at all stages of their career. The following table provides information about each of our fellowships.

Fellowship Topic Award Eligibility
Adrienne Fried Block Fellowship Urban musical life $3,000 SAM member
Paul Charosh Independent Scholar Fellowship Scholarly research $1,500 any independent scholar
Edward T. Cone Fellowship Concert music $2,000 SAM member
Richard Crawford Fellowship Critical editions $1,000 MUSA volume editor
John and Roberta Graziano Fellowship 19th-c music $1,000 SAM member with doctoral degree or equivalent
Charles Hamm Fellowship Popular music $2,000 SAM member
Hampsong Education Fellowship Education and song $1,000 any educator
Margery Morgan Lowens Dissertation Research Fellowship Dissertation research $4,000 any Ph.D. candidate (early stages)
Judith McCulloh Fellowship Folk-based musical culture $1,000 SAM member
Anne Dhu McLucas Fellowship Traditional or Native American/First Nation musical culture $2,000 (2018 only) any graduate student
Eileen Southern Fellowship African diasporic music $1,000 SAM member
Virgil Thomson Fellowship Music on stage and screen $4,000 SAM member
Judith Tick Fellowship Women’s, gender, and sexuality studies $1,000 SAM member
Robert Walser and Susan McClary Fellowship Dissertation research $11,000 Any Ph.D. candidate from a historically underrepresented group
Wayne Shirley Fellowship Research at Library of Congress $1000 SAM member


H. Earle Johnson Publication Subvention

Sight and Sound (non-print) Subvention