Paul Charosh Independent Scholar Fellowship

Judith McCulloh
Paul Charosh

Paul Charosh is a retired member of both the Sociology and Computer Science Departments of Brooklyn College (CUNY) with a scholarly interest in the social history of American music beginning in the mid-nineteenth century.  Though he does not possess formal music-related credentials, his articles have appeared in American Music and other scholarly publications.  This award seeks to encourage others to do independent work as music scholars, even if their formal training and careers may have evolved elsewhere.

The Paul Charosh Independent Scholar Fellowship is intended to foster research by independent scholars, and to encourage their participation in Society conferences. For purposes of this award, an “independent scholar” is someone who does not teach at an institution of higher learning, or who does so with a non-renewable contract of one year or less. Applicants are not required to hold any particular degree or certification. They may be current SAM members but others, pursuing a scholarly life outside the academy, are also eligible.

The initial award will be in the amount of $1,500. The recipient will be expected to attend and participate in the Society’s 2017 conference in Montreal. Specific conditions of the participation will be made in consultation with the award committee and the Society’s Board. The awardee’s name and presence, and nature of their participation in the conference, will be noted in the program. Conference registration fees for the awardee will be waived.

Application Information

  1. Applicants will provide a letter of application with contact information (including mailing address, phone number, and email address), an overview of the applicant's engagement with American music as an independent scholar, and a rationale for wanting to attend a SAM conference. Application materials should not exceed three double-spaced pages.

  2. The award is offered once annually. The maximum award is $1,500.

Applications should be emailed to the committee chair, Sherrie Tucker.

Entry Deadline
November 1, 2016

Members of the Committee

Sherrie Tucker (2015-2016), chair; Carolyn Bryant (2015-2017), Ross Fenimore (2016-2019)

Previous Fellows

Award Year Fellow
2016 Felicia Miyakawa