John and Roberta Graziano Fellowship

John and Roberta GrazianoThis fellowship, endowed by John and Roberta Graziano, shall be given to support scholarly research in all genres of music that originated in the United States in the nineteenth century, as well as other music performed in North America during that historical period.

Application Information

The Society for American Music seeks to award fellowships to support a broad spectrum of research conducted by society members. Projects that have already received SAM fellowship support (other "Fellowship" awards given by the Society) are not eligible to receive the Graziano Fellowship.

  1. Applicants will provide a one-page letter of application with contact information; a current full CV; a narrative of no more than five pages (double-spaced) that describes the scope of the project and the need for funding; and a one-page budget for the project.
  2. Applicants must be members in good standing of the Society for American Music.
  3. No more than one award will be offered in each yearly cycle. The amount of the award each cycle will vary depending on the interest generated by the endowment. The maximum award is $1,000.
  4. A one-page budget and final report will be submitted by the recipient to the Executive Director of the Society no more than one year after the award is presented.
  5. This award is available to scholars who have completed a doctoral degree or its equivalent in publications. In the event of submissions of equal scholarly value in a given year, preference will be given to scholars in the early part of their careers.

Applications should be emailed to the committee chair, Marianne Betz

Application Deadline: November 1, 2018

Committee Members

Marianne Betz, chair; Liane Curtis (2018-22); Steve Baur (2018-22)

Previous Fellows

Award Year Fellow
2018 Nicole Vilkner, “From Utility to Fancy: Coach Horns and Musical Recreation in the Late 19th Century”
2017 Jennifer C. H. J. Wilson, The Repertoire of Far-Off Lands: French Opera
in Antebellum New Orleans
2016 Kristen Turner, Opera on the American Popular Stage (1890-1914)
2015 Laura Moore Pruett, "Critical Edition of Two Symphonies (Symphonie Romantique and Á Montevideo) by Louis Moreau Gottschalk"