31st Annual Conference of the Society

Eugene, Oregon

16-19 February 2005

Call for Papers

The Society for American Music invites proposals for papers, concerts, lecture-performances, full panels of 3 or 4 papers, and other useful events for its 31st annual conference in Eugene, Oregon, 16-20 February 2005. The Email or postmark deadline is July 15.

We welcome proposals involving any aspect of American music or music in the Americas, but especially welcome ideas for papers and sessions inspired by any of the following:

- Pauline Oliveros (the SAM honorary member of 2005) and related topics such as philosophies of composing or audience in American experimental music

- Centennial of the births of
Harold Arlen (15 Feb 1905- 23 April 1986)
Marc Blitzstein (2 March 1905 - 22 Jan 1964)
Jule Stein (31 Dec 1905 - 20 Sept 1994)
Meade Lux Lewis (4 Sep 1905 - 7 June 1964)

- Topics inspired by the Pacific Northwest (i.e., Native American styles of the West or Northwest; Jimi Hendrix; grunge; Quincy Jones; Microsoft.

Individual or joint papers should be no longer than twenty minutes. Performances should be no longer than thirty minutes and may include a short lecture component. Presenters do not need to be members of the Society, but are required to register for the entire conference. Performances are not remunerated. The committee encourages proposals from persons who did not present at the 2004 meeting in Cleveland, but all proposals will be considered and judged primarily on merit.

How to submit a proposal
1. The proposals for papers should be no longer than 350 words, and it should include mention of any audio-visual needs. Although electronic submissions are encouraged, we will also accept hard copy submissions.

2. If you are submitting a proposal via electronic means, send a message to Judy Tsou (jstsou@u.washington.edu) that includes your name, address, and email address. Your proposal should be attached as a Word file without your name.

3. If you are submitting your proposal via post (hard copies), send six copies of your proposal, only one of which includes your name, address, phone, and email address. The other five copies should have no such identifying information.

4. Proposals for performances with or without a lecture component should include six copies of a 100-word abstract and six copies of an audio CD. Again, only one of each should contain identifying information. CDs will not be returned.

5. For complete sessions or proposals involving unusual formats, the proposer may submit the entire proposal via electronic mail (see instructions in no. 2), or by post (see instruction no. 3). An additional statement explaining the format and the rationale for the session should be included in the proposal.

6. The committee will normally acknowledge receipt of submissions and communicate its decisions by email. If you would prefer to have the committee communicate with you by post, please include two stamped, self-addressed envelopes with your submission.

7. Successful submitters will be required to provide a 100-word abstract via email by November 17 for publication in the conference program.

All materials must be electronically date-stamped or postmarked by July 15, 2004, and should be sent to:

Judy Tsou, SAM Program Chair
School of Music
Box 353450
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195