Vivian Perlis Concerts

Vivian Perlis
The Society for American Music is delighted to host an annual series of performances of music by contemporary American composers at the society's annual conferences. We are grateful to the Virgil Thomson Foundation, the Aaron Copland Fund, and to members of the Society for their generous support.  This concert series honors Vivian Perlis, whose publications, scholarly activities, and direction of the Oral History of American Music (OHAM) project at Yale University have made immeasurable contributions to our understanding of American composers and music cultures. In 2007 the Society for American Music awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award for her remarkable achievements.

Previous Vivian Perlis Concerts

These concerts were held at the annual conferences of the Society for American Music.

Conference Year Concert
2016 (Boston) Florestan Recital Project
2017 (Montreal) Concert program
2018 (Kansas City) Works by 2018 Honorary Members Chen Yi and Zhou Long