Academic Institutional Memberships

Academic Institutional Membership Information

Institutions that subscribe to the Journal of the Society for American Music automatically receive all the other publications available to most membership classes. This includes three issues of the Bulletin and the Membership Directory.

If your institution would like to receive the print versions of the Bulletin and the Directory, you MUST contact the SAM office. Otherwise, delivery for the Bulletin will be electronic only, and the Directory (not available in e-format yet) will NOT be mailed. (Please contact the SAM office with an email address for the eBulletin. Alternatively, your institution may access a PDF version here.)

Institutional subscriptions must be obtained through Cambridge University Press. (The Society no longer accepts subscriptions from agencies.) Inquiries and payments should be directed to:

Cambridge University Press
100 Brook Hill Drive
West Nyack, NY 10994
Tel ( 845) 353 7500
Fax (845) 353 4141


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