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The financial stability and furthering of our programmatic activity is predicated on the generosity of our members! While annual dues go to support the costs for producing the Bulletin, the Directory, and for your subscription to the Journal of the Society for American Music, as well as to cover basic operating expenses, your dues do not support our special programs, or activities promoting American music both within and outside the Society, nor the dues discount for student and retired members.

The Society has launched its first-ever endowment campaign, SAM/2.0, to secure support for scholars at all stages of their careers, to expand the awards for excellence in American music scholarship, to increase subventions for scholarship using diverse technologies, and to ensure the financial stability of the Society.

Contributions may be designated to any of the funds listed below, while unrestricted donations are always greatly appreciated:

Richard Crawford Fund
to support projects that explore the American musical experience in all its diversity

Charles Hamm Fund
to support an award for scholarly editions of American music

Judith McCulloh Fund
to create a short-term research residency at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Anne Dhu McLucas Fund
to support graduate students pursuing research or fieldwork in traditional or Native American music

Wayne Shirley Fund
to create a short-term research residency at the Library of Congress Music Division

Eileen Southern Fund
to support research on music of the African diaspora

Judith Tick Fund
to support women’s music-making across time

Sight and Sound
to increase subventions for media and digital innovation

Support for the U.S. office of RILM
to share in the cost of this vital abstract service

Student Travel Endowment
to support the next generation of American music scholars and future leaders of the Society

Acknowledgement of our contributors appears in the Society's Bulletin. Thank you for your continued support! For information on where to send your contribution, please see the SAM/2.0 Campaign website.

Thousands of American companies match their employees' charitable contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations, and the Society for American Music is eligible for these matching gift programs. Your gifts to the Society for American Music can go twice as far! The Benefits or Human Resources Office of your employer (or your spouse's employer) will be able to provide the necessary information and the method your employer uses to process matching requests. Employers have different methods by which they can submit their matching gift requests to the Society for American Music. These can include paper forms, or online forms, or phone verification systems. We encourage you to see if your employer (or your spouse's employer) can match your donation to the Society for American Music!

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