1. Qualifications

2. Charge

3. Term of Office


1. Qualifications

The candidates for Members-at-Large must

a. be members in good standing of the Society;

b. be prepared to attend the interim Board meetings as well as the annual meetings of the Society;

c. be prepared to assume defined functions for the Society;

2. Charge

The six Members-at-Large, together with the other elected officers, administer and manage the affairs of the Society in order to realize its purposes. They also perform specific tasks assigned them by the President or the Board.

The Member-at-Large charged by the President with committee liaison responsibilities should maintain contact with the chairs of those committees, especially regarding the schedules covering submission dates and dates for filing committee reports.  (The schedules covering submission dates, which vary among the awards, are available on the master calendar.  Regarding the filing of committee reports, committee chairs should be reminded by email on January 15 that their reports are due on February 15 for the March Board meeting, and on July 15 that their reports are due on August 15 for the September Board meeting.)  At the conclusion of her or his term on the Board, the Member-at-Large with liaison responsibilities should give the information regarding contact with committee chairs to the Board member next charged with that particular responsibility.

3. Terms of office

The Members-at-Large are elected by the Society to a three-year term.