1. Qualifications

2. Charge

3. Term of Office

4. Duties I: Meetings

5. Duties II: Other responsibilities


1. Qualifications

The candidates for Secretary must:

a. be a member in good standing of the Society

b. be literate, organized, and able to make concise summaries of discussions and actions taken at meetings;

c. meet deadlines;

d. be a member of the Society in good standing;

e. have served on at least two of the Society's committees.

Preference in the process of nomination will be given to former Board members.

2. Charge

The Secretary records the minutes of business meetings and manages the communications of the Board and the Society.

3. Term of office

The Secretary is elected to a two-year term. An incumbent may run for re-election, unopposed, by decision of the Board. The term-limit for Secretary is set at a maximum of eight years (four terms).

4. Duties (I): Meetings

a. Meeting preparation:

For all meetings of the Board and for other official meetings of the Society, in consultation with the President, the Secretary prepares an agenda and solicits reports from appropriate chairs and appointees. One month before the Board meeting, the Secretary distributes electronically the agenda and committee reports to the Executive Director, Finance Committee chair, and all Board members.

b. Minutes:

The Secretary records the minutes of the business meetings of the Society and the meetings of the Board and Executive Committee, and within two weeks of any meeting submits these minutes for corrections to the President. Once approved, the minutes are circulated as indicated below and a signed copy is forwarded to the archivist, along with a copy of all written reports presented at the meeting, including revised financial reports. Votes taken by email should be attached to the minutes of the following meeting of the Board for informational purposes and without further discussion. When the minutes are mailed, all reports not part of the pre-meeting packet should be sent at the same time. It is important that if changes were made to the financial report, the revised report be mailed with the minutes. The Secretary prepares a summary of Board actions for publication in the next Bulletin.

1. Format

Following the order of the agenda for Board and Executive Committee meetings, the Secretary summarizes the discussion under each agenda item and records all Board actions and policies in the minutes. At the end of each set of minutes the Secretary provides an executive summary of the meeting, consisting of all the Board actions taken and understandings reached in that meeting, and all pending actions (tickler file). The intention of this summary is to provide a reminder to Board members of actions they are responsible for undertaking. The Secretary also provides a separate list of any Society policies passed in that meeting. A policy is defined as a decision that is made upon formal vote of the Board and that is intended to govern subsequent actions of the Society. Such policies are added to this Handbook. For the minutes of business meetings of the Society, the Secretary summarizes the announcements and discussion for each agenda item.

2. Index

The Secretary maintains an index of the Board minutes, and appends a list of actions and new policies to the minutes.

3. Distribution

The Secretary sends the minutes of all meetings to each member of the Board, the Executive Director, the editors of Society publications, committee chairs, special appointees, and any other appropriate persons.