Privacy Statement

The Society for American Music recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by visitors to our web site, members, and conference attendees. We created this policy with a fundamental respect for everyone's right to privacy and to guide our relationships with our members and friends.

The Society for American Music does not collect any information from this website, unless you are joining, renewing, or donating to the Society. This information is not made available to anyone outside of the administrative office of the Society.

The Society for American Music will, from time to time, sell its mailing list to approved publishers and commercial entities to send advertisements via the US Postal Service. These are reviewed and approved as relevant to the Society's mission.

The Society will never sell or make available member's email addresses. The Society listserv is not moderated, but it is a closed list to prevent spamming. Only subscribers to the list can post information to the list.

Personal information in the Society's database will be included in the Society's Directory (published annually) and it is assumed that this information can be made available to members and all others who have access to the Directory. If there is any information currently residing in our database that you do not want published in the Directory, please make this known to the Editor of the Directory.

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact the Society office.