Resources in American Music

The Resources section of the Web site for the Society for American Music contains links to Web sites that may be useful to researchers as well as archival information about the society's publications and member's activities.

This section, still under development and construction, will be updated regularly with further information about conferences (other than the Society for American Music), websites, timelines, American Music Week activities, and other resources related to American Music.

Web Resources on American Music
Blogs and other web sites of interest to American music scholars

American Music Libraries & Research Centers
Links to archives & collections housed around the U.S.

Classroom Syllabi
Instructional content for courses and units on American music

Featured Links:
MUSA: Music of the United States of America
Scholarly editions of American music

"Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music 1870-1885"
Library of Congress' American Memory website, containing 22,000 choral and instrumental selections which can be viewed/printed out in their entirety.

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