Critera for Submission to the Resources Section of the SAM Web Site

TheWeb Editorial Committee of the SAM hereby solicits its members to nominate sites to be vetted for inclusion in the Resources section of the SAM Web site. Members who wish to do so should submit sites via the Web forms linked to the categories below.

1)    Research Sites: University, government, archival, and professional non-profit Web sites (Submit a Proposal)

á      affiliation with non-profit, educational institution or government agency

(i)             demonstration of integrity of information sources

(ii)           demonstration of long-term commitment to providing resources

á      must contain listing of archival materials, scholarly information regarding specific topics in American music, or articles published in Web format regarding specific topics in American music

2)    Instructional Resources and Materials (Submit a Proposal)

á      Web site must offer materials not available from other widely-accessible publishers or distributors, e.g., recordings, modern edition scores, videos, etc.

á      quality of materials must demonstrate scholarly commitment to respecting historical accuracy

á      may include small, independent commercial ventures that offer materials of interest to scholars and teachers of AM

á      resources maybe purchased directly from site

3)    Members: must contain one or more of the following categories of information, easily accessible from the memberŐs home page (Submit a Proposal)

á      original information or content from the memberŐs research on topics concerning American music, e.g., biographical material information about American composers or musicians, lists of works for American composers or musicians

á      instructional resources for courses on American music or American studies topics, e.g., syllabi,  lecture notes, review sheets, etc.

á      research links for students of American music of all levels

4)    Titles of dissertations in progress and recently completed on topics in American Music(Submit a Proposal)

á      titles may be submitted by the student or professor via a link in the resources section of the Web site

á      dissertations that have been completed will be moved to the dissertations recently completed section for a period of five years