Position Statement on Trump Administration's Executive Order 13769

Last spring SAM issued a statement (see below) condemning the Trump Administration’s Executive Order 13769 of 27 January 2017, which suspended entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days and prevented entry for 90 days of citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Met with legal challenges that put it on hold, Trump’s administration revised the travel ban and the Supreme Court allowed it to go into effect for some travelers, starting June 29; in October the court will hear arguments as to whether the ban is illegal or unconstitutional.

At our 2017 annual meeting in Montreal, a resolution was proposed asking SAM to solicit position statements on Trump’s executive order from all corporations and institutions with which the Society does business in excess of $500 per year and that it publish links to those statements--or note the lack of such statements when none are forthcoming--on the Society's website, together with the Society’s own updated position statement about that order. The membership subsequently voted electronically and approved the proposal. Our Executive Director contacted the qualifying vendors.

As of this writing, none of the following qualifying vendors has issued a position statement or replied to our inquiry:

SAM acknowledges that this is a fluid situation and that final policy will not be established until the Supreme Court hands down a verdict.

SAM’s position statement on Trump’s first executive order

The Board of Trustees of the Society for American Music condemns the Trump Administration’s Executive Order 13769 (27 January 2017), which suspended entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days, disallowed entry indefinitely for Syrian refugees, and denied entry for 90 days for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.  The Board likewise condemns the Trump Administration’s Executive Order 13780 (6 March 2017), which revoked and replaced Executive Order 13769 while maintaining a revised set of restrictions and limits on travel to the U.S. from certain countries and on immigration by refugees.

In pursuit of our mission to support the study, teaching, creation, and dissemination of all musics in the Americas, our Society is committed to principles of inclusion, diversity, respect, open inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas. As members of an international society and constituents of the global scholarly community, we believe it is critical to nurture intellectual and musical exchanges with scholars, students, and musicians from around the world. Restrictions placed on entry, exit, and return to the United States work against our Society’s mission, principles, and goals.  We depend on the freedom of travel to conduct research, share ideas, study abroad, and build international collaborations, just as we seek to welcome and learn from visiting scholars, international students, and touring performers.  Our intellectual freedom, the scope of our knowledge, the strength of our academic institutions, and our ability to learn from each other across borders are all compromised when these channels are closed.

We join other academic associations, universities, and many members of the American Council of Learned Societies to urge the President and Congress to lift this Executive Order immediately.