Past Conferences
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Below is a list of the conference locations for the annual conference of the Society for American Music.

1975 Middletown, Connecticut; Host, Wesleyan University
1976 Bayside, New York; Host, Queensborough Community College, CUNY
1977 Williamsburg, Virginia; Host, College of William and Mary
1978 Ann Arbor, Michigan; Host, University of Michigan
1979 New Orleans, Louisiana; Host, Tulane University
1980 Baltimore, Maryland; Host, Peabody Conservatory
1981 Greenvale, New York; Host, C.W. Post University
1982 Lawrence, Kansas; Host, University of Kansas
1983 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Host, Temple University and the Free Library
1984 Boston, Massachusetts; Host, consoritum of Boston-area institutions
1985 Tallahassee, Florida; Host, The Florida State University
1986 Boulder, Colorado; Host, University of Colorado
1987 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Host, University of Pittsburgh
1988 Shaker Village and Danville, Kentucky; Host, Centre College
1989 Nashville, Tennessee; Host, Middle Tennessee State University
1990 Toronto, Ontario; Host, Institute for Canadian Music, University of Toronto
1991 Hampton, Virginia; Host, Christopher Newport College
1992 Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Host, Louisiana State University
1993 Pacific Grove, California; Host, Fresno State University
1994 Worcester, Massachusetts; Host, American Antiquarian Society
1995 Madison, Wisconsin; Host, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1996 Washington, D.C.
1997 Seattle, Washington; Host, University of Washington
1998 Kansas City, Missouri; Host, University of Missouri, Kansas City
1999 Fort Worth, Texas
2000 Charleston, South Carolina
2001 Trinidad and Tobago
2002 Lexington, Kentucky
2003 Tempe, Arizona
2004 Cleveland, Ohio
2005 Eugene, Oregon
2006 Chicago, Illinois 
2007 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2008 San Antonio, Texas
2009 Denver, Colorado
2010 Ottawa, Ontario
2011 Cincinnati, Ohio
2012 Charlotte, North Carolina
2013 Little Rock, Arkansas
2014 Lancaster, Pennsylvania 
2015 Sacramento, California
2016 Boston, Massachusetts
2017 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2018 Kansas City, Missouri
2019 New Orleans, Louisiana
2020Online (formerly Minneapolis, Minnesota)