Career Connections

Welcome to Career Connections!

The Career Connections initiative moves beyond traditional mentorship models to serve as a resource for SAM members at any point in their career path, whether they are contemplating a change, looking for others doing similar work, or just seeking information. Here you can find SAM members from a variety of backgrounds and careers who can assist you with short-term information about a skill, possible career path, research area, or other query you may have. 

Are you interested in new ideas for your career path? Learning strategies for self-advocacy as a contingent worker? Starting a podcast, or a consulting business? Finding out about jobs in publishing? Teaching students about curating as critical practice? Trying your hand at making recordings or multimedia productions? Figuring out a new digital humanities tool? Getting advice on a grant proposal?  You can contact the Career Connections team, which will match you with a resource person on our list.

Click here to access our list of members who have volunteered to serve as mentors. After selecting the best match for you, fill out the Career Connections registration form. You will be contacted within a week. That’s all there is to it!

Didn’t find your perfect match? Fill out the form and indicate your questions / needs and we’ll look for someone. 

Interested in becoming a mentor?  Click here to submit your name/bio to the Career Connections team.