SAM 2020 Material Submission

46th Annual Conference of the Society for American Music

July 16-18. 2020


Preparing Your Materials

Presenter materials are due by June 19.

Presenters must submit their presentation as a pre-recorded MP4 video and upload it to our central Dropbox location. During the conference, the video will be shared with the participants through Zoom. 

We have prepared some basic guidelines for preparing your video for the best possible experience. Your video can be a slide deck with a voice-over, a video of you speaking directly to the camera, a slide deck with voice-over and a picture-in-picture with you speaking, or another creative combination that makes sense to you. 

Zoom itself is a good tool for creating your video and does not require that you be in a call with someone in order to do so. We have prepared a basic tutorial to step you through using Zoom to create your presentation video. 

Handouts can be submitted as PDF files and will be linked on the conference program page. See the guidelines for more information.


Submitting Your Materials

Before submitting your materials, review the checklist to make sure that you are ready to upload all of your materials, they are in the correct format, and they follow our guidelines. 

Checklist for Video Presentations

  • File format is MP4.
  • Video length does not exceed the time limit (e.g., standard papers are limited to 20 minutes).
  • File name follows the naming convention:


For example, 1A_SmithJosephine_Video.MP4.

  • You have tested the file for acceptable video and audio.
  • Your handouts, if any, are in PDF format and follows the naming convention:


For example, 1A_SmithJosephine_Handout1.PDF and 1A_SmithJosephine_Handout2.PDF. 

Other Shared Materials

If you are presenting a poster or seminar paper, all files must be in PDF format and follow a similar naming convention:


For example, 1A_SmithJosephine_Seminar.PDF and 1A_SmithJosephine_Poster.PDF.


Upload Your Materials

Click here to upload your materials. Note that you must be logged in to this website as a member (all presenters are required to be current members of SAM).