Sonneck Circle

The Society cherishes and depends on a culture of giving to support the excellence of our community.  Annual and lifetime contributions are acknowledged below:

SUSTAINING DONORS (click here to participate)

Christina L. Baade
Ryan Bañagale
Paula Bishop
Mark Clague
Maribeth Clark
Dale Cockrell
Jane and George Ferencz
Danielle Fosler-Lussier
Sarah Gerk
Glenda Goodman
Sandra Graham
Eduardo Herrera
Jesse P. Karlsberg
Tammy Lynn Kernodle
Paul Laird
Carl Leafstedt
Beth Levy
John McCluskey
Megan Murph
Ronald Pen
Katherine K. Preston
Jessica Sternfeld
Austin Stewart
Leah Weinberg

The Society also acknowledges with gratitude the members of the Sonneck Circle who have made lifetime contributions of $1,000 or more:


$25,000 and above
John and Roberta Graziano
Judy Tsou

Michael Broyles and Denise Von Glahn
Raoul F. and Amy Camus
Marva Griffin Carter
Katherine K. Preston
Thomas L. Riis

J. Peter Burkholder and P. Douglas McKinney
James P. Cassaro, in memory of Mary Wallace Davidson
Richard Crawford
bruce d. mcclung
Leta E. Miller
Stephen Oleskey and Judith Tick
Robert Walser

Karen Ahlquist
Geoffrey Block
E. Douglas Bomberger
William Brooks
Rae Linda Brown
Carolyn Bryant
Mark Clague
Maribeth Clark
Dale and Lucinda Cockrell
Susan C. Cook
Nym Cooke
Liane Curtis
William Everett
Sabine Feisst
George Foreman
Sara Heimbecker Haefeli
Larry Hamberlin
John Edward Hasse
Roland and Cynthia Adams Hoover
Mark Katz
Charlotte Kaufman
George Keck
Neil Lerner
The Magee Family
Anne Dhu McLucas
Kay Norton
Carol Oja
David Patterson
Ann Renner and Robert Kirsch
Deane L. Root
Ann Sears
James B. Sinclair
Marilynn J. Smiley
Ruth A. Solie
Larry Stempel
Christopher Wilkinson

Thank you for your continued support! For information on donating to the Society for American Music, click here