Student Conference Travel Subvention

Eligibility and Award Amounts

Through the Student Travel Endowment Fund, students may receive financial assistance that will help defray the cost of attending the national conference of the Society for American Music. Students receiving support must be members of the Society and enrolled at a college or university (with the exception of doctoral students who need not be formally enrolled). In any year, the amount of money available will vary. Therefore, the Fund will endeavor to support as many applicants as possible at a level commensurate with the available funds.

The Fund will provide financial assistance up to full transportation costs, these being the least expensive round-trip airfare available, round-trip train fare, or mileage at standard IRS-allowed rates for personal travel (half of business rate). It will not pay for transfers, parking, car rental, or local transportation.

Fund Allocation

Student travel monies will be allocated each year according to the following system:

  • First priority
    Students who have never attended an SAM conference and are presenting a paper
  • Second priority
    Students who have attended and are presenting, but have not received financial assistance in the past
  • Third priority
    Students who have never attended an SAM conference and are not presenting
  • Fourth priority
    Students who have attended, are presenting, and have received funds previously
  • Last priority
    Students who have attended an SAM conference in the past, are not presenting, and have received financial assistance previously

Requirements of Awardees

Students who are awarded funds must fulfill the following requirements in order to receive reimbursement of travel expenses:

  1. Attend the entire conference (from Thursday morning through Sunday morning).
  2. Assist with running the conference by working in one or more of the following assignment categories:
    • Registration area
    • Room Monitor
    • Silent Auction

Most assignments will be some combination of the above; specific assignments will be worked out with the Travel Awardees and the Conference Manager.

Students may also be asked to write a “thank you” letter to acknowledge individual donors.

How to Apply

Please fill out an application on or before August 15. Winners will be contacted prior to the conference.

Awards will be made by the Student Forum Liaison to the Board in consultation with the financial officers of the Society. The annual Silent Auction is the primary source for student travel funding.