Governance Council

Executive Committee
Tammy Kernodle, President; Christina Baade, Vice President; Leta Miller, Secretary; Maribeth Clark, Treasurer; Sandra Graham, Past President; Megan MacDonald (ex officio)

Finance Committee
Maribeth Clark, chair; Tammy Kernodle, Christina Baade, Leta Miller,  Sandra Graham, Megan MacDonald (ex officio)

Committee on Committee Governance
Douglas Shadle, chair (2017-20), John Graziano (2018-21), Kay Norton (2018-21), Tammy Kernodle, Sandra Graham and Megan MacDonald (ex officio)

Committee on the Conference
Gwynne Browne, chair (2019-20); Naomi André (2018-21); Leslie Gay (2018-21); Peter Graff (2017-20); Sarah Suhadolnik (2017-20); Joice Gibson and Megan MacDonald (ex officio)

Conference Site Selection Committee
James Cassaro, chair (2017-20); Christina Gier (2018-21); Elissa Harbert (2017-20), Megan Murph (2018-21), Nico Schuler (2018-21), Ann Sears (2017-20), Joice Gibson and Mariana Whitmer (ex officio)

Nominating Committee (2018-20) 
Douglas Bomberger, chair; William Gibbons, Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Tracey Laird, John Spilker


Outreach Council

Jessica Sternfeld, Board Liaison

Committee on Contingent Workers and Independent Scholars
Christina Baade and Carolyn Bryant, co-chairs (2017-2021); Jacob Cohen (2017-2021), Joice Gibson (2017-2021), Reba Wissner (2017-2021), Mark Davidson (2017-2021), Susan Key (2017-2021)

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion 
Trudi Wright, chair (2017-20); Phil Gentry (2018-21), Jason Hanley (2018-21), Matthew Santana (2017-20), Maria Cristina Fava (2019-22), Michael Accino (2019-22)

Development Committee 
Mark Clague, chair (2017-21); Katherine Preston (2017-21), Dale Cockrell (2017-21), Christina Baade (2017-21), Maribeth Clark (2017-21); Eduardo Herrera (2017-20), Carl Leafstedt (2017-22), Leah Weinberg (2018-22), Tammy Kernodle, Megan MacDonald(ex-officio)

Education Committee 
Ryan Bañagale, chair (2016-20); Dwan Reece (2016-20), Katherine Reed (2018-22), Katherine Rogers (2018-22), Christa Bentley (2019-23)

Forum for Early Career Professionals 
Amanda Sewell (2017-20), Reba Wissner (2018-21), and Jay Arms (2019-22), co-chairs

Interest Groups Council 
Horace Maxile, chair (2019-22); Council includes all Interest Group Chairs

Membership Committee
Dan Blim, chair (2017-21); Candace Bailey (2018-22), Jake Cohen (2018-22), Jessica Getman (2017-21), Birgitta Johnson (2016-20), Caleb Boyd (2019-23), Vailde Aaslid (2019-23), Erin Bauer (2019-23)

Public Relations Committee
Monica Hershberger, chair (2018-20); Kate Galloway (2018-21), Isaac Maupin (2018-21), Will Robin (2018-21), Jeffrey Yelverton (2019-22)

Student Forum and Silent Auction 
Andrew Tubbs (2018-20) and McKenna Milici, co-chairs

Website Committee
Megan MacDonald, chair; Laura Lohman (2019-22), Ben Safran (2019-22), John McCluskey (2019-22), Paula Bishop (2019-22)


Publication Council

Sandra Graham, chair (2019-21); Loren Kajikawa, David Garcia, Travis Stimeling, John Michael McCluskey, Megan MacDonald (ex officio)


Honors, Awards, and Subventions Council

Glenda Goodman, Board Liaison

Service and Achievement Awards Committee
Beth Levy, chair (2017-20); Lydia Hammesley (2018-21), Michael Pisani (2018-21), Josephine Wright (2017-20), William Everett (2019-22)

Adrienne Fried Block Fellowship
Mark Clague, chair (2017-20); Jacob Cohen (2019-23), Lauron Kehrer (2019-23)

Paul Charosh Independent Scholar Fellowship
James Doering, chair (2017-20); Carolyn Bryant (2015-21), Jennifer Wilson (2019-22)

Edward T. Cone Fellowship
Rebecca Marchand, chair (2019-23); Jim Steichen (2017-19); Elizabeth Hoover (2018-22)

Richard Crawford Fellowship
Michael Broyles, chair (2017-20); Stephen Shearon (2017-22), Lyn Schenbeck (2017-22)

John and Roberta Graziano Fellowship
Marianne Betz, chair (2018-20); Liane Curtis (2018-22); Steve Baur (2018-22)

Charles Hamm Fellowship
Robert Walser, chair (2017-20); Liz Wollman (2017-22), Albin Zak (2017-20), Daniel Goldmark (ex officio)

Hampsong Fellowship
Kristen Turner, chair (2017-21); 
Nicole Vilkner (2019-23), Donna Di Grazia (2019-23)

Margery Morgan Lowens Fellowship
Mary Ingraham, chair (2017-20); Jesse Karlsberg (2018-21), James O’Leary (2019-22)

Judith McCulloh Fellowship
Travis Stimeling, chair (2018-20); Chelsea Burns (2018-21), Kevin Kehrberg (2017-20)

Anne Dhu McLucas Fellowship
Katherine Preston, chair (2018-20); Mark Slobin (2018-22), Revell Carr (2019-22)

Wayne Shirley Research Fellowship
Michael Broyles, chair (2018-20); Stephen Shearon (2017-21), Lyn Schenbeck (2018-22)

Eileen Southern Fellowship

Horace Maxile, chair (2017-20); Rashida Braggs (2018-22), Jean Snyder (2018-22)

Virgil Thomson Fellowship
James Lovensheimer, chair (2017-21); Aaron Ziegel (2019-23), Karen Bryan (2019-23)

Judith Tick Fellowship
Marion Wilson Kimber, chair (2017-21); Shana Goldin-Perschbacher (2019-23), Christina Gier (2019-23)

Robert Walser and Susan McClary Fellowship
Carol Oja, chair (2018-21); Mark Burford (2018-21), Dean Hubbs (2019-22)

Irving Lowens Award for Articles
Marta Robertson, chair (2017-20); Sally Bick (2018-21), Christopher Reynolds (2018-21), Douglas Shadle (2019-22), William Brooks (2019-22)

Irving Lowens Award for Books
Gillian Rodger, chair (2017-20); James Deaville (2017-20), Julie Hubbert (2018-21), James Leve (2018-21), John Koegel (2019-22)

Wiley Housewright Dissertation Award
Stephanie Vander Wel, chair (2017-20); Christopher Wells (2018-21), Darren Mueller (2019-22), Katherine Axtell (2019-22), Sarah Eyerly (2019-22)

Mark Tucker Award
Laurie Blunsom, chair (2017-21); Stephanie Doktor (2018-22), Michael Uy (2019-23)

Cambridge University Press Award
Brian Thompson, chair (2017-21); Sara Haefeli (2019-23), Christopher Chowrimootoo (2019-23)

H. Earle Johnson Publication Subvention
Tamar Barzel, chair (2017-21); Michael Heller (2019-23), K. Goldschmitt (2019-23)

Sight and Sound Subvention
Robynn Stilwell, chair (2017-21); Erin Maher (2019-23), Byrd McDaniel (2019-23)