Distinguished Service Citation

This honor is given by the Board of Trustees to a current member of the Society who has given exemplary and continued service to the Society and its mission.


Past Awardees

Year Winner
2020Katherine "Kitty" Preston
2019 Mariana Whitmer
2018 bruce d. mcclung
2017 Judy Tsou
2016 Thomas L. Riis
2015 Carol J. Oja
2014 Michael Broyles
2013 Mary Wallace Davidson
2012 Paul Wells
2011 Craig B. Parker
2010 Dale Cockrell
2009 Ronald A. Pen
2007 Dianna Eiland
2006 Josephine Wright
2005 Anne Dhu McLucas
2004 John Graziano
2003 Jean Geil
2001 Judith McCulloh
2000 Deane L. Root
1999 Alan C. Buechner
1998 J. Bunker Clark
1997 Margery Morgan Lowens
1996 Wayne Shirley
1995 Kate Van Winkle Keller
1994 Raoul F. Camus
1993 Susan L. Porter
1992 William K. Kearns
1991 Allen P. Britton
1989 William Lichtenwanger