K-12 Teacher Resources

Voices Across Time: American History Through Music

A project of the Center for American Music, part of the University of Pittsburgh Library System, and the Society for American Music.

Voices Across Time was created to help teachers harness the power of song as primary source to supplement any secondary American Social Studies, Language Arts, and Music curriculum.  Music is also a potent bearer of cultural ideas, attitudes, and movements. Like works of literature and art that carry indelible messages from the time and place of their creation, musical compositions—and particularly those with texts—are source documents loaded with historical meaning. For more information visit the Voices Across Time website.

Summer Institutes for Voices Across Time

The Center for American Music organizes regular summer instructional institutes to train teachers in the use of the Voices Across Time materials. Specific information about the Institute, along with application information can be found here.

Purchasing the Voices Across Time Teachers Guide

The complete Voices Across Time, including sound recordings, may be purchased from the University of Pittsburgh Book Center for $275.00 (plus 7% sales tax for PA residents). Their contact information is:

The Book Center
4000 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-648-1455
Fax: 412-648-1902

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