Lifetime Achievement Awards

This honor is given by the Board of Trustees in recognition of the recipient’s significant and substantial lifetime achievement in scholarship, performance, teaching, and/or support of American Music.


Past Awardees 

Year Winner
2018 Deane Root
2017 Randy Weston
2016 Dale Cockrell
2015 Josephine Wright
2014 Pete Seeger
2013 Judith Tick
2012 Donald Krummel
2011 Paul E. Bierley & Kate Van Winkle Keller
2010 Wayne Shirley
2009 Horace Clarence Boyer
2008 Bill C. Malone
2007 Vivian Perlis
2006 Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.
2005 Dena Epstein
2004 Adrienne Fried Block
2003 H. Wiley Hitchcock
2002 Charles Hamm
2001 Richard Crawford
2000 Billy Taylor & Eileen Southern
1999 Robert Stevenson